We are prnt co.

The print world has gotten complex. Long lead times, complicated pricing, too many acronyms and big words you don’t care about. We’re the positive deviants who got tired of the BS so we solved the problem. You’re welcome.

Imagine getting the custom labels you need as soon as you need them. Actually, don’t imagine it, just talk to us. We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to. And we hate going slow. Our business is built on you selling more products. Let’s get it.

Industries We Serve

Craft Beer

Small batch printing for small-batch breweries. Keep things flexible as you experiment, adapt and launch new flavours.

Wine & Spirits

Bring your bottles to life. Full-bodied, with notes of plum and vanilla…we’ll leave the label content to you and you leave the label printing to us.


Yikes, a lot of strict rules here. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting. Let us take it from here so you can smoke and chill.

Health & Wellness

If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you do good. Alright, fine we didn’t come up with that line. But we still like it.


B2C is crowded. Level up the shopping experience and stand out on the shelf. Look good, sell more. Just like that.

About prnt co.

prnt co. inc. is a privately-held Canadian company serving small and medium-sized businesses with the best sticky labels. Because we’re private, we don’t report to a board or have short-sighted shareholders.

We keep raw materials in our inventory and while money is important, it comes second to meeting your business’ needs.

We salute people like you. Trailblazers, entrepreneurs, the ballsy folk who quit the status quo to chase a new dream. You’re our kinda people. We celebrate your hard work and the courage it took to do something different. That’s why we want to work with you.


We want to be the fastest, friendliest, most reliable, and environmentally-sustainable supplier of printed label solutions in Canada. That’s the plan.

fast. We get it, speed matters. Let’s talk 5-day lead times. We specialize in short to medium-run orders and time our turnaround with your operations schedule.

friendly. A personal connection, empathy and service tailored to you. We get to know you and what your business needs. Our job is to make it easy for you to sell more products.

reliable. We deliver on our promises. Every damn time. We’re consistent, with both quality and service, and we don’t compromise on either.

sustainable. We built our operations to conserve natural resources and protect global ecosystems. We like to have fun but we don’t mess around with this.

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We make label printing easy. Let’s get started.